Food Industry

Firmly customer-oriented and committed to continuous improvement

Testori's attitude, firmly customer-oriented and committed to continuous improvement, favoured the development of a line of products that are 100% compliant with food contact. From the selection and qualification of yarn and raw material suppliers to the implementation of the process in GMP conditions, our products offer all the requirements for compliance with the most stringent international standards established by:

  • FDA CFR177
  • EU 10/2011
  • 2023/2006
  • 1935/2004



Industries we are happy to serve include:

  • Sugar (cane and beetroot)
  • Beverage industry: beer, wine, juice
  • Purification of edible animal and vegetable oils
  • Production of oil for biofuels (eg palm oil)
  • Flour mills - Drying of pasta and biscuits - Gluten and starch
  • Food acids (eg. Tartaric acid)
  • And many others...

Testori supports all types of customers along the specific supply chain: manufacturers, machinery builders (OEMs) and end users.

Testori, the solution for every application