Wastewater Treatment

The best management of wastewater treatment plants

Testori supports its customers in the best management of wastewater treatment plants, coming from both municipal networks and industrial processes.

Testori filter cloths, developed with the target of optimal sludge dewatering and reuse of process water, include environmentally friendly features, such as:

  • Anti-corrosion eyelets made with the same polymer as the filter medium, which allow easier disposal of the cloths when they reach the end of their life cycle
  • GreenTes perimeter resin, water-based, to prevent the filtrate from wicking/leaking outside the filtration chamber

To improve drainage performance and ensure longer life, our filter cloths can be supplied in combination with undercloths, with construction based on mono / mono or mono / multi yarns.

In the event of particularly weary operating conditions, the option of applying special reinforcements is available in correspondence with the bosses of the plates.

Testori supports all types of customers along the specific supply chain: manufacturers, machinery builders (OEMs) and end users.

Testori, the solution for every application