Steel Works & Foundries

In steel mills and foundries, the generation of particulate takes place in different stages of the process;

During the melting and subsequent refining of the product, in the decarburization and degassing phase, from mechanical finishing or even from the storage and handling of coal. 

Filtration systems must always guarantee compliance with emission limits even in difficult conditions, such as in the presence of ultrafine particles, possible sparks, or pyrophoric powders. 

Equally important is the need to purify the water coming from the cooling systems of electric ovens and wet dedusting systems.





Thanks to its consolidated experience in the steel industry, Testori offers a wide choice of high-quality filter media designed to offer the best filtration performance on gases and liquids throughout the production process.

High performance in terms of separation efficiency can be achieved with special felts from our Durates range, which, thanks to the use of microfiber, allow greater control over emissions. Our special SSB felt, on the other hand, guarantees high resistance to sparks thus extending the useful life of the sleeve.

Testori supports all types of customers along the specific supply chain: manufacturers, machinery builders (OEMs) and end users

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