Woven fabrics

Testori filter media offering ranges among various types of polymers and type of yarns.

Testori filter media offering ranges among various types of polymers (polypropylene, polyester, PBT, all grades of polyamide, PTFE, etc.) and type of yarns (mono, multi, staple fiber).

According to the process needs, Testori can design a tailor-made fabric for superior performance. Thanks to the lean, flexible, and vertically integrated operations, we can ensure ultimate level of service along with top quality assurance.




Dedicated range of performing fabrics & felts capable to ensure high productivity rates through dry and thick cake preventing the breakthrough of solids into the filtrate.

Our plus:

  •  Special elastic multi/multi and mono/mono range of fabrics
  •  Special self-adaptable woven: thermo shrinkage directly on site to perfectly fit the frame
  •  Reinforcements & features to meet all customers’ requests

Testori product range offers:

  • High drainage mono/mono fabrics capable to provide low residual humidity cake.
  • Stainless steel clipper joint and special coating to ensure proper sealing of the belt.
  • High tenacity yarns to ensure dimensional stability of the belt.

Dedicated line of products combining different weave patterns and yarn properties to accommodate all process needs, from the retention of the finest solids to the drainage of toughest tailings.
Our cloths can operate with every kind of cake discharge principle operating on the filtering equipment: roll, knife, rods, gravitational.

Testori, the solution for every application